What to do when seeking a hunting license

The requirements to secure a hunting license vary depending on where a hunter lives. Different states, counties and even countries have their own rules, and hunters must adhere to these specific rules in order to secure their licenses in time for hunting season. 

As different as rules can be from state to state, there are certain ways hunters can make the licensing process go more smoothly regardless of where they live.

* Determine which type of hunting you will be doing. Before applying for a license, determine where you will be hunting and which species of animals you hope to hunt. Different animals typically require different permits, so hunters can do themselves a favor and expedite the process by pinpointing the animals they hope to hunt before applying.

* Determine how licenses are issued. Depending on where you live, your state or municipality might have a Web site detailing each step of the licensing process. If not, visit a nearby sporting goods or outdoor shop and ask a member of the shop’s staff if they can help with the process. An outdoor shop is often a great source of information and is likely to make the process much easier to understand. 

* Determine if you’re eligible for any discounts. Some hunters are eligible for discounts, while others might be charged more. Many states offer discounted rates to their own residents and might even extend those discounts to seniors, youths and military personnel. However, many states charge out-of-state hunters more. Do some research ahead of time to determine your eligibility for discounts or if your status will garner more fees.

* Buy only what you need. Hunters who can only get out to hunt for one day should only seek a one-day license. Such licenses are less expensive and available for many different types of hunting.