Arctic Sombrero–Crack-Click-Chillax

What started simply as a desire to covertly drink beer, has morphed into a replacement lid for 30oz tumblers that allows you to drink possibly the world coldest beers secretly whenever and wherever you want.
Over the course of 5 years the Arctic Sombrero has gone from a bar napkin design to a fully patented finished product. More a 100 different prototypes have been created! The two inventors, an engineer from South Dakota and a surgeon from the twin cities used these prototypes to tirelessly beta test their stealthy design. They consumed countless absurdly cold beers in order to perfect their revolutionary handheld covert beverage cooling system. Ridiculously cold beers were enjoyed while attending gender reveal parties, dance recitals, children’s sporting events, and Gam-gams birthday party, to only name a few. They stealthily tested their Arctic Sombreros in the toughest conditions and put themselves in harm’s way so that you can feel confident covertly drinking stupidly cold beverages anywhere you want. Their sacrifice will surely be your gain once you obtain an Arctic Sombrero of your own and unleash its power!

After only 90 days on the market, online sales have risen daily, so limited local distribution is beginning. The Arctic Sombreros are now available online at, Reeds Sporting goods and select Ace Hardware locations.

Don’t just put this Arctic Sombrero replacement lid on your ‘MUST HAVE’ list, go out and get one today! It will change your life!…..your kids will get better grades and stop failing at sports, your dog will stop doing that thing to your leg, and your in-laws will respect your privacy and only show up once a year. You need this Yeti replacement lid before your next hiking/camping/outdoor adventure. Don’t
let your favorite canned beverage steadily rise in temperature in a flimsy foam koozie while outside temperatures soar. Use the technology of the Arctic Sombrero to make your beer substantially colder as you drink it.
That’s right. Not only does the Arctic Sombrero make your favorite beverage cold, it actually makes it COLDER.

You might be wondering how this is
possible. The folks at Arctic Sombrero have
developed a 3-part system. The first part snaps the
(Arctic Sombrero) lid onto any 12 oz canned beverage. The second part uses the proven insulating properties of your existing Yeti style 30 oz tumbler. After filling the tumbler about half full with ice water, step three places the Arctic Sombrero topped canned beverage into the icy water bath within the 30 oz. tumbler. The Arctic Sombrero’s patented design seals your favorite 12 oz. canned beverage, not allowing it to be diluted by the ice water. Both the water and canned beverage are kept completely independent. This patented design allows you to enjoy a ridiculously cold beer through the lid while also giving you access to the cold water surrounding it via a straw.
Whether you enjoy boating, hiking or gathering around a campfire with friends, the Arctic Sombrero is a must have. Developed right here in the Midwest and Proudly Made in the USA—check out their website and order yours TODAY!