Welcome to Outdoor Medicine!

The Outdoors and Nature. You can sense it. You can feel it. You want to be a part of it. 

Many of us have heard the call for years. A whisper from within that tells us it’s time. It’s time to get off social media, time to put the phone down and long past time to turn off the news. Many of you have always felt this way. For some, the madness of last year served as a slap in the face wake up call to snap out of it. It’s time to get back in touch with nature and experience everything great the outdoors has to offer!

Everyone has an outdoor passion that they consider the healing remedy for the day to day problems and obstacles we all face in life. It’s your favorite thing to do. It’s where your mind wanders when you’re sitting at work. Or what your ideal weekend would consist of. Whether it’s sitting in a tree stand at sunrise calling in that trophy whitetail, having your hands dug in the garden in May or sitting around a campfire with family and friends laughing until the sun comes up, we are here to celebrate all of it!

We started this publication to keep you up to date on information, products, tips and everything in between to help you get the most out of your favorite outdoor activity. We are here to give you that nudge to get up and get back outside. We are here to help you plan for your next adventure. We are here to provide you—your much needed dose of Outdoor Medicine.

Meet Our Team

There are many people behind the scenes that get this publication put together, printed and distributed each issue. Here are a few on payroll.

Max R. Iowa

Max Rohlfsen

I’ve been an avid fisherman since I could walk. Growing up my dad would always take my brothers and I fishing at a local stream that was loaded with smallmouth bass and I have been hooked ever since. When not at work or out fishing, I can be found sitting around a campfire with family and friends.

There is nothing quite like being knee deep in a trout stream at sunrise where there is no cell phone signal or wifi for miles.

You have heard it one, or twice, I want to design the world! Publication design is my favorite! Which makes Outdoor Medicine such a treat to work on! I am excited to bring our readers a place that can give them inspiration and ideas to connect with their nature!

I am a Wife, Mother, Creative Director and a survivor of being a Track and Football Coach wife. I strive to keep the laundry kept up, dishes clean, kids fed and great design leaving the Power Source. I am a failure on the laundry and dishes front, but I am crushing on kids being fed and with the team I have here at Power Source, amazing design is the only thing leaving the building, which includes Outdoor Medicine.


Susan Travis

Creative Director


Tara Rosengren

Senior Designer

Born in the wilderness and raised by cows, I will create designs that moooove you. Contrary to popular belief...making timelines, schedules, and cleaning are my best methods to combat stress. However, deadlines are based around county and state fairs.

I love basketball, typography, rustic home decor, cows, pasta, logo design, sweets, the color blue, traveling, and my doctor husband, Tyler. Did I say cows already?

Don't let your business suffer. Be part of our herd! And a perfect way to start join in the Outdoor Medicine mooovement. Have us design your ad today!